Is There a CSA-compliant Work Permit Template for EasyPower?

For customers who need work permits that comply with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, we have designed a template you can use to create CSA-compliant work permits.

 To select the CSA work permit template:

  1. Contact EasyPower customer support for the CSA work permit template.
  2. Save the template in the work permit folder of your current EasyPower version. For example, C:\Users\yourname\Documents\EasyPower X.X\Work Permits.
  3. Open EasyPower, and open a one-line you want to use with the CSA work permit template.
  4.  Click Tool > Options > File Locations.
  5. Next to Work Permit Location, browse to the location of the CSA template, and then select the WPTemplateCSA.docx file. You may need to change the filter to find All Files *.* to see the file.
  6. Click Open, and then click OK to save the template location.

To use the CSA work permit template:

  1. On the Home tab, click Short Circuit.
  2. Select a bus, and then click Fault Bus(es).
  3. Right-click on the bus, and then click Arc Flash Work Permit.
  4. In the Work Task Dialog box, select the task for which you want to print the permit, and then click OK. The CSA work permit is displayed.

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