Configuring Printer Settings to Avoid Font Issues on Arc Flash Labels

In some instances, the printers orientation settings may impact the appearance of the font on arc flash labels. The font may appear to be compressed due to the orientation being set incorrectly. 

The instructions below describe setting up a Brady printer on a Windows 10 system. 

1.   Close EasyPower if the program is open. 
2.   Click Windows.
3.   Click Settings
4.   Click Devices.
5.   Click Printers & Scanners
6.   Select the printer.
7.   Click Open Queue.
8.   Click Printer > Properties.
9.   On the Advanced tab, click Printing Defaults.

10. On the Layout tab, under Orientation, select Landscape
11. Click OK
12. Open EasyPower and print your arc flash labels.

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