How can I tell if the generator in my system should be designated as “With Field Forcing” or “Without Field Forcing” in EasyPower?

In EasyPower, the "Field Forcing" designation refers to how the generator’s exciter is powered.

Where the exciter is powered in such a way that it continues to supply armature field current for an extended period after a fault, it should be designated as “With Field Forcing.”

The link below references a white paper from Cummins Power Generation and describes four methods to power the exciter system in the generator:

  • Self-Excited (Shunt)
  • Excitation Boost System (EBS)
  • Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)
  • Auxiliary Winding (AUX)

The only one that would not be considered as “With Field Forcing” is the Self-Excited (Shunt) system.

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